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del miedo al amor

what and for whom  is this workshop?

This workshop is the best opportunity to learn the art of living with dignity and respect for yourself and with courage in the face of the challenges that life poses. This therapeutic workshop is a learning space for those people who need to learn what are the fears that are paralyzing them, to understand how to overcome them.


It constitutes the first part of a process that leads us to the knowledge of ourselves towards one of the most important learning; overcome the barriers that prevent us from achieving our goals.

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This workshop has the objective of learning to understand how we are shaped as human beings, understand what obstacles limit us and how to overcome them.

Taller del miedo al amor


Este taller se imparte cada 3er. sábado de los meses pares, siempre y cada fecha corresponde a un taller distinto.

En 2024: Sábado 17 febrero, 13 abril, 15 junio, 17 agosto, 12 octubre  o 14 de diciembre, en horario de 10 a 14 horas (horario de la Cd.Mx.).

*Este horario incluye un descanso de 15 minutos de las 12 a las 12:15 horas



Personal investment: $500.00

For people outside of MX: USD$29 10% discount with full payment 10 days in advance.


Where you choose. Thanks to the platform for videoconferences "ZOOM" and the program is free for you. And although we recommend that you do it from a pc or laptop for your convenience, you can also access the workshop from any device, just go to this page 10 minutes before the workshop: and write the meeting number and password that we will provide you as soon as you complete your payment for registration to enter.


workshop topic:

  • Presentation

  • habits

  • Paradigms, how they are generated

  • Emotions, how they are generated

  • Fears as they are generated

  • principles definition

  • Love

  • manifestations of fear

  • Impact on our way of acting

  • Methodology for working with fear


A workshop created and taught by:

Pablo Moroso Bussetti and his staff


Our workshops are a meeting, learning and personal growth space designed to offer tools to improve your self-knowledge and our purpose is exclusively for educational purposes. The contents of workshops and other events may or may not be relevant to your particular situation. They are not a therapeutic, clinical or medical space and it is not a substitute for any therapeutic process or for the solution of serious problems such as violence of any kind, problems related to substance abuse, alcoholism, clinically diagnosed depression or conditions that require medical attention and / or psychiatric. We reserve the right of admission.

¿Qué tal si nos das la oportunidad de ayudarte a ti y a tus hij@s a tener un mejor futuro?

Hacer terapia no cambia nuestro pasado,
pero definitivamente, podría cambiar nuestro futuro.
Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti

psicoterapia on line Terapia de pareja por Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti
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