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What is this campsite?

This camping is like every divorce, a process.

One of the 4 parts of a therapeutic process to let go, to let go and to free ourselves emotionally after the end of a relationship.

A space for men and women who need to learn to let go.  Where the words "let go of affective ties" and "detachment and emotional liberation" will take on a different meaning and will finally make you learn to let go. to let go

Because nothing like a rappel to show you that in life, the one who doesn't let go, doesn't advance.

Don't get hung up. Come to this campsite. Learn to let go.


The objective of the campsite is to give them a space where they can work on therapeutic objectives with many dynamics, including a campfire where we will have the opportunity to leave what we choose to drop and a rappel descent.

Therapeutic goals: 

That you learn to let go. To let go of those who do not suit you or do not choose you anymore. THAT YOU DETACH AND FREE YOURSELF EMOTIONALLY.



s4 y d 5 mayo 2024

El horario es de las 10 de la mañana del

sabado a la 1 de la tarde del domingo.




IF YOU DO THIS AS PART OF THE  CIRCULAR PROCESS , that is, if you have already participated in our online modules, the personal investment for this campsite  is $2,500MXN, and if you want to participate ONLY in the camping,  the cost is $2,900MXN and includes the workshop, food and lodging type camp, you must bring your own tent and sleeping bag. Does not include transportation. Prices plus VAT.

Those who complete the entire process will be able to:

• Understand the nature of affective bonds, as well as understand the processes of loss and separation and their effects.

• Reposition the lost relationship, the absentee, and ourselves on the lifeline to regain a sense of identity.

• The participants will have to initiate a cognitive-emotional process towards recovery and the foundations will be laid to develop a healthy and restorative grieving process.


For logistical reasons, our workshops are held WHEN WE HAVE AT LEAST 15 PEOPLE REGISTERED.  You must register to receive the notice that the group has the necessary participants and as soon as you receive the confirmation notice via email, you must make your payment to confirm that the group is ready. Please sign up here:

WA 55-5418-0137


And you, what are you going to drop?

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A campsite created and taught by:

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti, Clinical Psychologist with 30 years of professional experience. Specialist in emotional dependencies and author of 5 books on the subject. Your resume.

Our workshops and camps are a meeting, learning and personal growth space designed to offer tools to improve your self-knowledge and our purpose is exclusively for educational purposes. The contents of workshops and other events may or may not be relevant to your particular situation. They are not a clinical or medical space and it is not a substitute for any therapeutic process or for the solution of serious problems such as violence of any kind, problems related to substance abuse, alcoholism, clinically diagnosed depression or conditions that require medical attention and/or psychiatric We reserve the right of admission.

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