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Emotional Gym

Therapeutic groups for women 

A place to train and strengthen the emotional muscles of women who
they want to learn to live free from codependency and emotional dependency.

 How do you want me to leave you, if you won't let me leave you?

I'm in a codependent relationship!

If you have reached this page, it is because you have that impression or perhaps you already have a confirmed diagnosis: Codependency.


Do not panic. We know how you feel.  And we have a whole catalog of help options.

Keep reading all the content of this page please. Click on the videos and links.

Get to know everything from our most economically accessible option to our campsites. Bookmark this site so you don't lose it if you need to return to it.

And read everything, until the end. You will not regret.


 Any relationship that does not produce peace and well-being, but rather anxiety,
shame or guilt, has a clinical name: Codependency.

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti

Grupo codependencia

And how can we help you?
living codependency free?

Joining one of our THERAPEUTIC groups to strengthen and maintain emotional muscles with respect to emotional dependence.

An Emotional Gym.

These are live ONLINE sessions supported by a platform of educational resources at an emotional level where a group of women (in online mode) train and develop routines, dynamics, videos and obtain resources for the development and maintenance of a high emotional quotient that allows them to learn to relate differently as a couple and especially with themselves.

Grupo codependencia

For whom it is??

For women over 15 years of age (prior authorization from their parents) who present:

  • Difficulties in relationships with other people

  • Emotional dependence

  • codependency

  • The impact of codependency on our lives

  • Depression and the anxiety it produces

  • Losses and duels by couple


a weekly session

than 120 minutes will make a difference

Because we know that codependency really makes you think that you can't do it alone. Here we are. We are a group of women helping women, ALL ex-codependents coordinated by  the psychologist  Gabriela Torres of Moroso Bussetti .

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You can join at any time.
All our therapeutic groups are of continuous inclusion thanks to our thematic content  circular. Just choose your schedule, your therapist and the cost per person.*

*For prices for people outside the Mexican Republic and  more information send a message WhatsApp: 55-5418.0137


Gabriela Cesaretti

pearl palaces

Gabriela Cesaretti

Tuesday 20  at 10 p.m.
Sign up here .

Thursday 20 to 22
Sign up here.

Horario Sábado
de 10:30 a 12:00 horas

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Gabriela Cesaretti Torres

Gabriela Cesaretti

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Perla Palacios

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Virginia Caballero

Virginia Soad
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Grupo codependencia

Ana Liusa
Jimenez Reyna

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Laura Hernandez

Laura Leticia Hernandez Escamilla

Grupo codependencia

Rosa Angelica Campos Cervantes

Azucena Jiménez

Brenda Azucena Jimenez Badillo

Veronica Gutierrez

Gutierrez Ramos

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Karina Carmona

Karina Carmona Lagunes


Fragrant Brown

Maria del carmen Matias.

Maria del Carmen Matias Tellez

Myrna Gallegos


Gallegos Ortiz

cristina basto

Gloria Christina
Rough Noya


Carmen Ivonne Tercero Vite

Lourdes Valdez

Lourdes del Carmen Valdez Cardenas

Thelma Bautista

Thelma Maria Bautista Coronado

Nancy Zuniga

Nancy Caroline
Zuniga Jimenez

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Codependency is having a hundred reasons to break up, and still looking for just one reason to go on.

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti
Clinical psychologist, specialist in #codependency
Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti, psicóloga
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