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And who is Gabriela Torres?

She is a clinical psychologist, codependency specialist, author, and speaker.

Do you need to learn to live free?

We are codependent, when we suffer from anxiety, sadness, anger, mental confusion and psychosomatic disorders, among others, due to a strong emotional dependence and conflictive life with a partner addicted to substances.  

Now, the condition has spread since codependency encompasses both those who are related to those who use any type of substance toxic to the body, as well as those who are linked to people who have some obsessive-compulsive tendencies at work, at gambling or shopping, sex, food and/or that tend to be associated with "addicts" to destructive relationships.

We want to be with them, and we suffer. When they leave, we suffer more.

When love is suffering... the diagnosis is dependency. Emotional dependence.

Because when we suffer to love, we need to learn to live free.

Because when our life is focused on the other,

we need to learn to live free.

Because when we stop depending on a relationship to depend on a 12-step group, or a psychotherapist,

we need to learn to live free.

Because when we seek help we only seek  how to learn to help others, we need to learn to live free.

Because when we refuse to see the obvious and accept the unacceptable, we need to learn to live free.

Because when we stop seeing ourselves and pretend that the other tells us how we are, we need to learn to live free.

Fragment of the book " Learning to Live Free "

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti
Clinical psychologist, specialist in #codependency
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What can be my best starting option?

Without a doubt, that is an intelligent question, because to have a good treatment, the first thing we need is to have a good diagnosis.
And for this, nothing better than an individual session.
If you let us know your story, we can recommend the best option for you. Sending a WhatsApp message to our assistant and requesting a therapeutic space for a single diagnostic session is our initial recommendation.
But you can choose one of our options without this. 
We present them to you, click on all the links.
Proyecto Gaviota

a weekly session

than 120 minutes will make a difference

Because we know that codependency really makes you think that you can't do it alone. Here we are. We are a group of women helping women, ALL ex-codependents coordinated by  the psychologist  Gabriela Torres of Moroso Bussetti .

Proyecto Gaviota
Proyecto Gaviota

self-esteem groups

For men or women, taught in different groups, by the team of therapists IN TRAINING GTMB.


codependency groups

groups for women where  we empower ourselves and  we strengthen  regarding our emotional dependency.


online workshops

4-hour therapeutic workshops  taught by Gabriela Torres and her staff

campings terapéuticos.png

therapeutic camps

A weekend to do intensive therapy. Taught in Villa Sol y Luna, 90 min. of the Cd.Mx. by Gabriela Torres and her staff.



For you to learn to Live Free. In 6 months, 23 weekly sessions of 90 minutes.  Taught by Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti


Certification in codependency

Ready to teach what you need to learn? So first you must get certified and be part of this team of women empowering women.

Proyecto Gaviota

Because there are two types of education:  The one that teaches us to earn a living, and the one that teaches us to live.  to live free

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti

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We also invite you to meet Gabby at one of her conferences !  every Thursday at 9 p.m. on YouTube or on  Facebook Live !

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti, psicóloga
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