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Más allá del hambre: Conexiones entre la Nutrición y las Emociones

Facilitadora L.N Gabriela Cesaretti CED. PROF: 9423124

What is this online workshop?

The workshop aims to be an online psychological and nutritional therapeutic space that leads us to a total change of focus and release destructive and harmful concepts about ourselves, others and life in general and increase our 4 coefficients: Corporal (Body) , Intellectual (Mind), Emotional (Heart), and Spiritual (Based on Principles) and learn how your emotions relate to your eating behavior.

What do you eat when you eat?



DURING THE YEAR 2022: We will have 5 introductory level workshops, all on Sunday: February 20, April 17, June 19, August 21, October 16, and December 18, 2022, all from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. .  This schedule includes a 15-minute break.


Thematic content of the workshop:

  • Why if I eat healthy and exercise, I don't lose weight?: Why am I always hungry? Are there “saboteurs”?

  • Who are you as a eater? Is it the adult who is eating? or  Is it your inner girl or boy?

  • How to create a healthy body image.

  • Types of hunger: What does your essence and your body have an appetite for? Hunger for love, acceptance, protection, belonging, security, rest, pleasure, passion.

  • Do you have a relationship with food? Food  for me… suffering or pleasure?

  • Super foods to nourish your life and improve your self-care.



  $500.00 or USD$29*

*For people outside of Mexico



in zoom


What are you waiting for to be part?


Nuestros talleres son un espacio de encuentro, aprendizaje y crecimiento personal destinado a ofrecer herramientas para mejorar tu autoconocimiento y nuestro propósito es con fines educacionales exclusivamente. Los contenidos de los talleres y otros eventos pueden ser o no ser relevantes para tu situación en particular. No son un espacio terapéutico, clínico o médico y no es el remplazo de ningún proceso terapéutico ni de solución de problemas serios como violencia de cualquier tipo, problemas relacionados con el abuso de sustancias, alcoholismo, depresión clínicamente diagnosticada o condiciones que requieran atención médica y/o psiquiátrica. Nos reservamos el derecho de admisión.

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