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To all my face-to-face patients:
To respect this healthy distance, I have created a small video  that explains how to maintain the continuity of our psychotherapeutic sessions.

Thanks to this powerful tool, you will feel like in my office every week!

In addition, the duration and content of each "online" session

It is the same as face-to-face therapy but it is 30% cheaper! 
And the best: In therapy, what works is "milk" and not "tit". In other words, what works is what the therapist says, that "feeds" and encourages the patient to change... and that "passes" perfectly through this tool: Zoom.

For more information, send a WhatsApp message to my assistant at 55-5418-0137.
I'll wait for you! 
I send you a very healthy hug, from a distance.
Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti.

Mexico City, March 2020.

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