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"The women who
they love too much

therapeutic camping

Sábado 27 y domingo 28 abril 2024

What is this campsite?

"Women who love themselves too much" in addition to a book and an online workshop , is a therapeutic camping to develop emotional detachment, raise our self-esteem and leave behind emotional dependence and #codependency.


It is based on the book of the same name, taught by its author, Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti in Villa Sol y Luna, a space in the magical town of #Tlayacapan, Morelos, 90 minutes from Mexico City, we invite you to do therapy in a totally different way: an efficient, effective, fun therapy and above all, compared to any similar retreat, very accessible at an economic level.

For women from 15 years old (previous authorization of their parents).

Proyecto Gaviota. Grupos de Autoestima
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A therapeutic camp based on the book  

  "Women who love SELF too much "

"Learning to love ME" is a therapeutic camp based on the book "Women who love SELF too much"  exclusively for WOMEN who are determined to learn to love and love themselves.

It is a safe and healthy space for learning, containment and support, specially designed for women over 15 years of age who wish to raise their self-esteem and learn to love themselves, in order to love others healthily and without dependence.

Campamento de desprendimiento emocional

"A camp for brave and determined women. Taught by a leader and a staff of equal women."

Mariana Pena H.

from the campsite:

  • How to rebuild ourselves when a relationship ends?

  • Learning to let go when I am no longer chosen

  • Learn to love ME again, to be able to love again.

  • I choose to forgive you… I choose to forgive myself.

  • I'm leaving you for someone I love more than you: ME.


THEY ARE HELD THE LAST WEEKEND OF EVERY EVEN MONTH. During 2022: s26 and d27 February, s23 and d24 April, s25 and 26 June, s27 and d28 August or s29 and d30 October*


It is taught in Villa Sol y Luna, in the magical town of Tlayacapan, Morelos, 90 minutes from CdMx. Click  here to find us on Google Maps. 


$2,900.00 Mexican pesos per person

Promotion: For full payment 30 days before 10% discount

This cost includes the therapeutic workshop, camp-type lodging (you must bring a tent and sleeping) and food. Does not include transportation.

campamento codependencia emocional

Two days...

  • Dedicated to forgiving and forgiving you....

  • To learn how to rebuild ourselves when a relationship ends...

  • To learn to let go when they no longer choose me...

  • To learn to say: "I'm leaving you for someone I love more than you: MYSELF".

  • To give yourself the best gift: Learn to love yourself so you can love others.

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And we also leave you our WA:
55-5418-0137 and 55-3450-0580

A camp created and taught by:

gabriela torres de moroso bussetti, psicóloga clínica

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti, Clinical Psychologist with more than 30

years of professional experience, thanatologist, specialist in emotional dependencies and author of 5 books on the subject and above all, humble student of all her teachers... and her best therapists.  Your pets.  To see his resume, click.

Our workshops and camps are a meeting, learning and personal growth space designed to offer tools to improve your self-knowledge and our purpose is exclusively for educational purposes. The contents of workshops and other events may or may not be relevant to your particular situation. They are not a therapeutic, clinical or medical space and it is not a substitute for any therapeutic process or for the solution of serious problems such as violence of any kind, problems related to substance abuse, alcoholism, clinically diagnosed depression or conditions that require medical attention and / or psychiatric. We reserve the right of admission.

campamento de verano
Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti, psicóloga
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