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Gabriela Torres from Moroso Bussetti®

Psychotherapist, lecturer, workshop facilitator, author... director of the Center
and the psychologist that I would like my children to have.
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Gabriela Cesaretti

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Alexandra Vidales

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Virginia Soad
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Ana Liusa
Jimenez Reyna

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Laura Leticia Hernandez Escamilla

Rosa Angelica Campos Cervantes

Brenda Azucena Jimenez Badillo

Pink soul

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Maria del Carmen Matias Tellez


Gallegos Ortiz

Gloria Christina
Rough Noya

Chantal Alejandra Granados Chavez

Codependency is having a hundred reasons to break up, and still looking for just one reason to go on.

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Ortega Martinez

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Gutierrez Ramos

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Karina Carmona Lagunes

Fragrant Brown

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