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Gabriela Torres from Moroso Bussetti®

Psychotherapist, lecturer, workshop facilitator, author... director of the Center...
but above all, the psychologist that I would like my own children to have.
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Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti

I am Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti. Clinical psychologist from UNAM, with professional license number 3275699, specialist in codependency and affective addictions. Psychotherapist, lecturer, workshop facilitator, author... director of the Center and the psychologist I would like my children to have.

It would be a good start if you knew in whose hands you intend to find help and even verify the
validity of my professional license.  It is a great risk to put yourself in the hands of unauthorized people.
Below you will find the links to my full resume. Professional and personal.

Surely you are on this site because something brought you or someone recommended you.
It does not matter. You are here and surely it is for something. Please read this page completely.

About me

I am Gabriela.

A woman who lives, loves, learns and thereby builds her legacy.  A woman who has found her voice, and inspires others to find theirs.  

A woman who learned to live free.

To be the psychologist that I would like to see my children and the psychologist that I would like my children to have.  

I don't work as a psychologist. I AM a psychologist and it is my  vocation, "my voice" to be. 

Vivir Libre"
“Divorcio emocional”

Degree in psychology from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico campus CU).

Professional ID No. 3275699 in the 1986-1990 generation.

Specialist in emotional addictions and codependency and emotional intelligence, she is a therapeutic supervisor of psychologists and is a FULL member of the Mexican Society of Psychology AC since 2000 and since 2004, directs the Center for Emotional Education and Psychological Services 



Author of 5 books:  He writes in 2012 “Living Free or learning not to depend”, in 2014, “Women who love each other too much, in 2015 “Emotional divorce”. in 2017 “Emotional Gym (365 routines for women who love each other too much)”, and in 2018, “Parenting based on principles”, all presented in the years corresponding to their publication at the Guadalajara International Book Fair and all with the same publishing house, with whom she feels great loyalty and gratitude:

Exodus Publishing Group.

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti

Conferences, Radio and TV

She is a regular contributor to magazines, newspapers and radio and television programs, a lecturer at universities in the country, medical and judicial institutions, colleges and schools of psychology as well as for private companies and public organizations of various

country cities



Personalized attention for all your


For 30 years he has been working as a face-to-face psychotherapist and since 2008 also online; being a pioneer in the field of distance psychotherapy serving adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups in this modality. 
At the group level, Gabriela Torres gives conferences, teaches diplomas for women, certifications in emotional dependencies for professionals, workshops and therapeutic camps in online and semi-face-to-face modalities.

TALLERES Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti

therapeutic workshops

The goal of any serious therapeutic process is not simply to change behavior. It is about changing ways of thinking, patterns of behavior and paradigms of life, a change from the inside out. And that takes time.

Of course, for some of my patients, this process can be shortened in terms of time and money by complementing the psychotherapeutic process with workshops, which are events, for more information: .


We invite you to meet Gabby at one of her virtual conferences every Thursday from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. thanks to Facebook Live!

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti, psicóloga
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