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Libros de Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti

Can't find them in bookstores?
Because they frequently tell me that they are out of stock.

call 55-4834-8680

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libro divorcio
libro padres
libro gimnasio emocional
libro las mujeres que aman demasiado
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¡Te invitamos a conocer a Gabby en una de sus conferencias todos los jueves de 21 a 22 horas y todos los sábados de 18 a 19 horas (Cd.Mx.)
en YouTube LIVE, en  Facebook LIVE  o en TikTok LIVE!

Talleres para papás e hijos
¡Aprende a ser familia!
Ven a conocernos!

Campings terapéuticos 


Developed and taught by Gabriela Torres, these workshops become an opportunity for transformation and learning, since not only is a significant space created for the corresponding topic, but each technique and dynamic is aimed at creating a higher level of awareness and deep reason-emotion connection in order to reach feelings.

divorcio emocional
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