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Online Group Psychotherapy

With Gabriela Torres and her team of therapists

And how to start?
Requesting a free group session . I'll explain more: Choosing one of our therapeutic groups and requesting a free session so you know what it's all about by participating in a session.

We recommend you choose to participate in a session of our therapeutic groups and request a free session so that you know what it is about by participating in a session.
You can enter a "Seagull Project" session or an "Emotional Gym".

Which to choose?


If you want to start working on your self-esteem and your self-concept, I recommend you choose " Gaviota Project "

But if what you want is to work on your emotional dependency  or your mourning for a relationship, then I suggest " Emotional Gym ".

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Doubts and frequently asked questions:


What is the usefulness of group psychotherapy based on?

What am I going to accomplish with this step?

Will there be enough time in a group to listen to my problems?

What will happen if I don't like the other members of the group?

It is normal to have questions or doubts when one thinks about joining a group. Joining a group has value in large part because it provides the opportunity to learn how other people think and feel. We come to better understand our way of thinking and acting and that of others.

We see how the members of the group react to each other. We live with other people on a daily basis, and we can benefit from talking about our experiences and our conflicts with others. In the group, you will learn that you may not be as different or alone as you thought. You will collaborate with your peers facing common problems for all. This is one of the greatest benefits of group psychotherapy. The more you get involved in the group, the more you get out of it.

Why in a group?

If you think about it, we have all been raised in groups, whether in family or school life, as workers or as citizens. We develop as human beings always in group environments. Group psychotherapy is no different. It provides a context to share problems or concerns, better understand one's own situation, and learn together with other people. In summary….

It is in a group, BECAUSE LIFE IS IN A GROUP.


Group psychotherapy helps the person to know himself, and also to improve his interpersonal relationships. You can focus on the problems of loneliness, depression and anxiety. It helps us make important changes to improve the quality of life.


Group therapy works! Scientific studies have shown that group psychotherapy is as effective as individual therapy - sometimes even more so.


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Todos creados e impartidos por:

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti, Psicóloga Clínica con 30 años de experiencia profesional. Especialista en Dependencias emocionales y autora de 5 libros sobre el tema. Su currículum.

Nuestros talleres son un espacio de encuentro, aprendizaje y crecimiento personal destinado a ofrecer herramientas para mejorar tu autoconocimiento y nuestro propósito es con fines educacionales exclusivamente. Los contenidos de los talleres y otros eventos pueden ser o no ser relevantes para tu situación en particular. No son un espacio terapéutico, clínico o médico y no es el remplazo de ningún proceso terapéutico ni de solución de problemas serios como violencia de cualquier tipo, problemas relacionados con el abuso de sustancias, alcoholismo, depresión clínicamente diagnosticada o condiciones que requieran atención médica y/o psiquiátrica. Nos reservamos el derecho de admisión.

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