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The book

Grupos de codependencia Gimnasio Emocional

The fourth book by Gabriela Torres, a daily routine accompanied by a phrase or a reflection to include in the behavioral repertoire for each day. Each of the 365 messages contained in this book have the therapeutic goal of turning us into women transformed by emotional education. A message of improvement, encouragement and personal empowerment for each day.

Exodus Publishing Group.

ISBN: 978-607-8543-37-3

Grupos de codependencia Gimnasio Emocional

 Any relationship that does not produce peace and well-being, but rather anxiety,
shame or guilt, has a clinical name: Codependency.

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti

Gimnasio emocional

We invite you to meet Gabby at one of her virtual conferences every THURSDAY from 9 to 10 p.m. thanks to Facebook Live !

Gabriela Torres de Moroso Bussetti, psicóloga
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